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Research clears the fog from your action plan.

When the window is clear,
the view is beautiful.

What We Do Best

Research Strategy

Partner with us and, together, we’ll put together a research plan to move your company closer to its goals.

Research Support

Use us as your on-call research team. Provide access to your research tools and we’ll customize and schedule reports and analysis to fit your needs.

Research Synthesis

Avoid analysis paralysis. We'll find the meaningful insights within your mountain of data, survey results, or transcripts and provide you an easy-to-understand summary report in the format of your choice.


Solutions Through Research provides customized research solutions for market research agencies and media companies. Whether you need ongoing support throughout the year or a burst of activity to meet a deadline, we will work with you to make it happen. Our success is your success. Research is fun, but that’s not why we do it. We develop and deliver research to make your business better.

Solutions Through Research is:

  • customized research to fit your needs
  • easy to scale up or down with business cycles
  • experienced with a wide-range of methodologies and tools
Brands impacted
Years of market research experience

Build your research team.

  • Deliver projects on time and within budget without derailing your processes
  • Tap into our experience on client and service sides of the business
  • Get support for quant, qual, primary or secondary projects

Media & Marketing Research Trends

rating scales

More on Unipolar and Bipolar scales

I just had a question on Google+ that I thought I would also post here: So….what IS unipolar (defined) and when would I ever use it? Thanks for the question: Unipolar scales measure an attribute across one dimension. For example let’s use hunger: not at all hungry, slightly hungry, moderately hungry, very hungry, extremely hungry. […]

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research on TV

Conan, Taco Bell, and Market Research

I love it when I see market research featured in late night talk shows. In January 2015, Conan O’Brien surprised one of his employees by taking him on a field trip to the Taco Bell headquarters in California to receive the Superfan experience. They met with marketing manager, Katie Garner, who defined the Superfan as […]

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