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How We Can Help

When extra hands are needed, Solutions Through Research is a valuable teammate. We can manage a project from start to finish or assist on specific pieces of an already planned project.

Research Strategy

Research Strategy

By partnering with us, we’ll talk through your company’s goals and, together, we'll determine the types of research you need. Whether that’s finding another vendor or conducting our own research, we will be with you the entire way so you can choose the right path for your needs. Our goal is to fill in the gaps between your current reality and your end goal.

Uncover Target Audience Perceptions

For the local arm of a national health services non-profit, we executed four formal focus groups to more deeply understand perceptions of their organization among key segments of their target audience. A pre-survey gathered factual data, while rich qualitative exercises like mind mapping and word associations were weaved into the sessions. With the final summary results, we addressed each research objective in a face-to-face brainstorming session with the client.

Identify Target Demo and Influence Donations

For a long-established local $1.4 million 501(c)3, we developed a two-pronged research exercise to understand the organization's current donors and Facebook followers. Two online surveys were fielded, one to each audience. Using a combination of closed and open-ended questions, we established a core target demographic profile, learned key reasons donors were involved with the organization, and identified potential growth opportunities for improving engagement among donors and Facebook followers.

Research Support

Research Support

Monthly or quarterly reports don’t always justify a full-time researcher.  Provide us access to your research tools and we’ll customize reports and do the analysis on the schedule that fits your needs. We’ll dig in to help you understand your market, customers, and competition so you can get the most out of the tools you already have.

Programs we are familiar with include: Nielsen Scarborough, Nielsen AdViews, ComScore StationView Essentials, Nielsen Local TV View, AdMall, Media Monitors, Wide Orbit Media Sales, and more.

Solutions Through Research primarily uses SurveyGizmo to conduct primary research, but we’re familiar with and have used other research tools as well. Such programs include: Qualtrics, QuestionPro, Survey Monkey, Insight Express, Toluna, Digsite, UserTesting.com, and more.

Your On-Call Research Team
A local news TV station purchases a block of hours from us each month. Using the TV station's research tools, we provide specific and customized reports on a regular basis. We also provide ad hoc research support as needed to support the sales and news staff.

Panel Management on a Budget
A media research firm purchases a block of hours per year for us to manage a survey panel. Each month we write, program, and launch surveys through our Survey Gizmo platform. Then, we compile the summary reports or create report templates and workflows. Throughout the year, we also conduct additional in-depth interviews and qualitative research to support the panel. We have 96% panel satisfaction!

Research Synthesis

Research Synthesis

We aim to simplify complex information and communicate it to clients in a way that creates meaning, inspiration, and a path to action. If there are meaningful insights within that mountain of data, we will find them and provide you an easy-to-understand summary report in the format of your choice.

When busy season arrives, we pitch in for a local research firm. They provide the banner tables or focus group transcripts and we write the reports in the format they request (usually Word or PowerPoint).

If they can't meet their deadlines with their internal resources, large consumer goods clients regularly subcontract us through a research staffing agency to summarize and analyze customer satisfaction, brand equity, and shopper insights studies.

A global consumer research firm hires us to use their proprietary research analysis tools to analyze and report on consumer lifestyle and media use behavior.