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Solutions Through Research Has A New Look

Solutions Through Research celebrates its 10-year anniversary by retiring the logo that Amy designed herself in early 2012 when the company was formed.

The fresh new look of Solutions Through Research is modern, bright, and positive.

We strive to make your experiences with Solutions Through Research the same:

  • We use modern tools/methods.
  • We bring bright people and ideas to our projects – working on your bright ideas.
  • And, overall we want you to have a positive experience and partnership with us.

The new logo is an illustration of our process and culture.  The uppercase font applied to the words “Solutions” and “Research” hints that we use well-developed and structured research processes.  These two words (“Solutions” and “Research”) have equal weight because we focus on using research methods that will be most likely to lead you to actionable insights. The research processes must be sound to provide sound solutions.

The script font used on the word “through” represents the human element to the research business. Humans are the crux of research. Not only do humans hold the answers to our questions, but humans are also doing the research at Solutions Through Research.  This is a human-centered research business.

The blue and orange hexagons match the colors used on the words “through research” and the teal hexagon matches to the word “solutions.”  We use well-developed (filled-in) research methods built on the principles of market research best practices.  The teal “solutions” hexagon is only partially filled in, hinting at an iterative process.  Research is only one part of the puzzle.  As situations change and more information comes to light, solutions invariably also change.


Robin Castillo of Studio Via was the creative brains behind the logo. We tried out 50+ variations of fonts, icons, and colors before landing on the final version!  It was a highly collaborative process.  Robin showed great patience, creatitivity, and design expertise over the course of several weeks until we landed on the right one.  We’ve worked together for more than a decade and I’m always happy with what we’ve done together. Highly recommend. ★★★★★